Flat panel TV advice


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Jul 29, 2005
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Well, my first year of college is over and i just got the good news that the apartment I was looking at i now have.

We are going to use some of the furniture from my mom and dads house so that i wont have to worry about to much. The one thing i do want to do is get a decent TV for the place. Money should not be to much of a problem but i would like to keep it under $1K (preferably around $750).

I would like one that is widescreen, LCD, HD (what does it mean what it says HD-Ready?), and has the most inputs i can get for the money. Fo now this will probably only be a tv but in about 9 months time i will probably hook a mini up to it and use it as a monitor along with DVD player and all that good stuff.

So, basically what i am asking for is suggestions on brands that you all like.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give.


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Aug 30, 2004
West Monroe, Louisiana
check out the link in my sig for HD advice. HD-ready means that the set has an ATSC digital, HD tuner built in for over-the-air reception. Toshiba makes an excellent flat panel in the 800 range for a 23" and samsung also makes a good one.


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Jun 12, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
Dealnews has one posted for $700, with two $100 rebates (for an ending price of $500) here: http://dealnews.com/deals/Syntax-Olevia-LT26-HVX-26-HD-Ready-Widescreen-LCD-TV-for-500-after-rebates/122715.html

It's some off-brand (Syntax?), but it still may be decent, and it is quite large for the price. Leaves some extra money to spend on speakers, the Mini, etc.

Post here what you end up going with, if you please: I'll be in the market for something similar to what you're looking for soon, so it would be good to know what more investigation can dig up.



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May 15, 2005
Tacoma WA
You will probably end up with a Westinghouse LCD 27 or 32". They are good LCD's for the money, and packed with all sorts of goodies. The 27" is the #1 selling LCD. Check them out at your local Bestbuy.



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May 16, 2006
You should check the Viewsonic models. I have had very very good experience with them.