Flaw with Order Prints in IPhoto 11

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by libindaniel2000, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Aug 17, 2010
    Can I select a bunch of pictures and 'add them to cart' kind of function when ordering prints in iPhoto 11? Right now, I have to select all the pictures, I want to order prints of, using the command key. It is a real pain when I have those pictures in different albums etc.

    Do you guys know a better way to do this through iPhoto? Also for all the photographers out there, is there a cheaper way to print photos without compromising on the quality? I don't have enough dough to get a printer and printing supplies so that is out of question.
    Do you think places like Walmart and others do a good enough job?

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    Here is one way to do things like that from iPhoto. First make a Keyword by opening up the Keyword editor (command+k) and make a new Keyword with a name like 2Print. Next make a new Smart Album (shift+ command+n) or use File>New>Smart Album. Next give the Smart Album a name (Ready to Print) and make a rule to place the photos with the condition (Keyword is 2Print) inside. Now you can click "Share" and sent off for printing. You can use this Smart Album over and over by selecting all the photos in it and deleting the Keyword from them. Smart Albums and Keywords makes using iPhoto easy to find, select and sort any of your photos in all kinds of ways.

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    That will be rather painless and thank you very much for the tips. It will come very handy. Apple just works!
    Do you guys prefer Snapfish over Apple's printing setup for the image quality?
    Also, does Apreture or Lightroom have a better set up for ordering prints?
    I have been mulling over the process of stepping up from iPhoto. The plethora of articles comparing Aperture and Lightroom is just massive and mostly biased IMO. Any help here from people who have used both would be much appreciated.
    I am mainly looking for getting rid of those spots on the photo due to dust etc, adjusting exposure, contrast and histogram sliders and all that good stuff. I am not into putting a humpty dumpty into a picture. I am just looking to edit the pictures to remove blemishes and enhance the quality of the print.
    Any help would be appreciated!!

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