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Original poster
Apr 9, 2010
Indianapolis, IN
I am trying to write a flex 2 tweak do disable the jailbreak detection on the new Navy Federal Credit Union app.

I have already tried to set:
+(bool) deviceIsJailbroken
+(bool) appIsCracked
To "False" but that doesn't fix it.
Anyone familiar with Flex 2 have any ideas or willing to tinker around with the app to see if you can get it to work?


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Jun 1, 2010
Reno, NV
You are a genius! The most recent beta (5) for Xcon worked like a charm... guess I was trying to over think the issue (which isn't good when you don't know what you are doing lol)

Sounds good. Glad I could help. Yeah xcon saves me with my directv app and my work app also.
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