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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by pdxflint, Aug 8, 2010.

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    It seems some folks are having trouble getting around Flickr's recent changes ever since Flickr removed the direct image location from below the picture, but it's really an easy workaround. I posted this on another thread, but feel it might do more good in it's own thread.

    It's still pretty easy to do exactly the same thing as before on Flickr. When on the photo page on Flickr, click on the Actions tab on the top left. Then choose "view all sizes" to see the "all sizes" page. Click on the size image you want to display here. When the correct size picture displays in Flickr, right-click on the picture and in Safari click on "copy image address." In Firefox it's "copy image location." That will be the same as the missing image link that used to show up below the picture.
    Then just do the same BBcode as before in your message to display the image here.

    Flickr did away with the obvious image/file address displayed below the pictures because lots of people don't link back to Flickr. (their explanation here...) The current html code Flickr provides for linking/embedding images doesn't work on BBcode for forums, and they say they're working on a solution... but the code we have used here which does include the linkback still works just fine. You just have to get the image/file address by right clicking on the picture now. Everything else remains the same... it's working for me. :)

    I usually manually type out the code now, but you could use the "insert image" icon, add the flickr image location (which will be wrapped in the tags, [B]then[/B] select the whole bit of code and click the "insert link" icon and provide the url of the page from which you got the photo on Flickr... that should work too. Either way, this keeps our postings of Flickr images in line with Flickr's guidelines and terms of use.

    Other Flickr notes:
    Also, the rest of the things you want to do are also found under the "actions" tab on the Photo page, including exif, etc. One cool thing about the new setup is that you can just click on the picture, and it will go into a "lightbox" setup, which is similar to a slideshow, and you can navigate between pictures by using your right and left arrows (which you can also do when on the photo page. Also, the "filmstrip" of pictures on the right is quicker to navigate through than before where it showed two pictures. Now it shows several, and you can click through them to get to the right one much faster... It takes a little getting used to, but it's a definite improvement.
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    Good call pdxflint. I'd recommend this be sticky'd or added to any Flickr instructions that we have already posted.
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    It's as easy as ever for me to get the link to post with.
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