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    Oct 26, 2006
    Get interesting flickr photos in to your email

    Subscribe here or

    Or send a mail to with subject text as subscribe.

    Enjoy watching terrific photos while listening to your favourite songs, for free.
    Pleasure for ears and eyes.Ful-fill your ipod.

    flickr your ipod daily and enjoy excellent photos when listening to songs.


    1. Create a folder on your system named flickr.
    2. Tell iPod to Sync photos from this folder.
    3. Subscribe to flickr daily dose at here
    4. Open ipod select Photos and then Slideshow settings.
    5. Slide settings
    There would be around 500 photos to view.

    a) Time Per Slide
    If you set to
    2 seconds, it will take 17 minutes for completion of entire album.
    3 seconds, it will take 25 minutes for completion of entire album.
    5 seconds, it will take 42 minutes for completion of entire album.

    Set to "Now Playing"
    c) Repeat
    Set to "Off"
    d)Shuffle Photos
    Set to "Off"
    Set to "Random"
    f) Leave TV Out and TV Signal to whatever they were.


    You will receive an email from me (avirads at gmail dot com) with the days photos attached at around 12:30 midnight California time.
    Unzip the attachment into the flickr folder created during setup.
    Connect iPod and lets the photos sync.

    That's it.

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