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    I have been a Mac user for a long time and have always tried to convince my old man from jumping onboard the Mac bandwagon.

    He tells me that the only reason why he does not get a Mac is because of a specific software that he uses for his business. My father owns his own business and works from home, so he really needs just one computer, and so far, that one computer meets his needs due to the compatibility of the software with his Dell PC. However, I really want to "update" his XP workstation by getting him a new Mac, but I am afraid it would go unused without this software that he needs for business.

    Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Floorplan 3d?

    I am really not that familiar with software for this industry.

    Here is a link to the software that he uses for his business:


    Also, I am aware that Windows can be installed on a Mac and that is not a solution that I am seeking.

    Thank you in advance.
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    There used to be a "Made4Mac" product guide you could search on Apple's site, but it no longer exists. I'd suggest searching MacUpdate or VersionTracker for 3D software or architecture. Maybe even a Google search.

    First, I'd take a look at <a href=http://www.punchsoftware.com/products/mac.htm><u>Punch! Home Design Studio</u></a>. I think it is much like the Windows program he uses. There is also a "pro" version. He may find it somewhat familiar. I think it has a very "Windows" feel to it. After all, it was ported from Windows.

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