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    Hello we've created a lottery ticket scanning app for FLORIDA lottery tickets

    Lotto Scan FL

    In the app store

    It focuses on what we believed users would want:

    1) Extremely accurate scanning, in our testing with a good image it is 100 percent accurate. For example in about 8 good photos I took, some that had 5 entries, one had two entries, one had a range of ticket dates, it was 100 percent correct. However we don't claim its perfect and you will want to check its results -- which it is carefully designed to allow you to easily do. See below.

    2) It automatically reads in your Numbers, the Ticket Date, and the Ticket Type

    3) Supports ticket types of FL Lottery, FL Powerball, FL Mega Millions, and FL Fantasy 5

    4) You can download the drawing numbers usually 30 minutes after the official drawing time, and the App will allow you to compare your numbers with the drawing to see if you've won

    4.5) Sorry this App only supports scanning of Florida tickets. You could use it with Powerball and Mega Millions tickets from other states but scanning probably won't work, you would have to enter the ticket information manually. You could still snap a photo which would help you in entering your numbers manually as you can see in the screenshot below. You could still download the numbers for these games from the server and check if you've won.

    5) WHAT IS UNIQUE about this scanner is that it provides an on-screen display that allows you to compare, side by side, the scanned information with that information on your ACTUAL IMAGE. You will see this in the screenshots.

    Automatic scanning is useless without comparing the scanned result with the original image, because as we know the technology is not advanced enough that the algorithm will be as reliable as a person. You wouldn't really trust the App when it tells you whether you've won unless you can easily check yourself that all the information it is using is correct and that the numbers match or not. That is what this App allows you to easily do.

    Nevertheless with a little care in taking taking the photo you will find it is extremely accurate.

    There are more features, for example you can also enter all the information manually without downloading or snapping a photo

    Note: It does not scan the barcode. You take a photo of your ticket, and then crop it to include the area on the ticket that has your entries, the xtra/powerball/megaplier line below, and finally the date line. It uses extremely accurate OCR technology to digitize this text and then enter the information for you into its database.

    Here you can see an example in which the App has scanned the ticket and is helping you to check that it got all the information correct.


    On the iPad it runs as an iPhone app in "compatibility mode"
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    Great idea, but what about those of us with Android phones? I too would like to check my scratch-offs from my phone. Why is it just because I decided to go with Android, that I have to schlep myself all the way down to the grocery store to scan my obviously winning lottery tickets? Do I need to divert my lottery winnings to the Apple store so I don't feel segregated from your fancy tech? We would like to be treated with the same respect and priority as the iPhone users. #mobileEQUALITYforALL #androidPHONESmatter

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