Fluctuating Battery Battery Capacity


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Sep 7, 2006
Lund Sweden {London England}
I downloaded Coconut battery and, well .... i think its making me a bit paranoid. I check maybe once a week to see whats going on with the capacity, and the last time i checked it was down to 84%. (I have a MBP bought in July 2006 ... 2Ghz CD 1Ghz RAM 15") So, i run the battery down to emergency sleep, plug the power cable in, turn the MBP off and let it charge fully. Then i turn it back on after 4/5 hours, battery is 100% charged at 97% capacity. I leave it a couple of days, check the capacity and its at 88%.

So for about a week now iv been trying to get my MBP battery to have better capacity ... but no matter what i do the capacity fluctuates. Its back down to 84%.

Anyone got any ideas? Or is this normal?


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Aug 5, 2005
Perhaps you should stop being like this guy and just be happy with your Mac! I really don't get it, why spend so much on a Mac after being lured by the supposed peace of mind, only to end up getting all paranoid and installing heaps of monitors/thermometers/anti thief software? That mac may be an expensive "investment", but between a cheap PC running heaps of antiviral software/spyware scanners and a Mac with its dashboard loaded to its brim with various sensor monitors/overheating alarms (with your STM laptop bag filled to the brim with stuff like iClear and what.. Mr Clean Eraser, your keyboard covered with NotebookSaverZ, and a wrist read protector to protect against staining and pitting), what's the difference? Oh yeah it runs OSX, Dells run OSX too! Like I care.

It is a tool, it is not like a child that is coughing or running a fever, it doesn't need to be babied.


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May 16, 2006
Central Florida!
I had the same problem, seems like it was draining fast, I called Apple yesterday and today, I have a new batt for my macbook, I am going to watch this one too....I was at 81% and 161 cycles, the replaced it...that was nice