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Jun 12, 2013
Hi all,

I just brought my iPad rMini 32gb, mainly for on the go document editing, music, photo management and such. I was not fully aware, not sure if it was because of ignorance or because of not caring enough, that the Air Drop feature doesn't allow the pinging of documents to Mac from iPad and vice versa. I am aware that this is where the iCloud document and photo stream comes in, but when using s****y school wifi, I have to wait a large amount of time before the item comes up on the other device.

I am not here so much as to ask for alternatives as I am for asking about other user's experiences in the matter.

I would like to get the thoughts of the other people on the forums about whether this lack of direct transfer capability (PLEASE correct me if I am wrong about their being a feature such as this available) between the iPad and Mac is a concern for people? I am aware that there are security concerns involved in the application of P2P transfer such as this, but surely if they had it enabled between two iPhones, Macs and iPads then surely there wouldn't be as much concern?

The final thing I would like to ask is whether you have another way of overcoming this issue, or whether you see it as a big enough feature requirement that the implementation of this sort of thing would come up in the future?

Again, PLEASE do correct any misinformation you may see in this article, as I have stated before, I personally am not aware of any kind of Bluetooth or efficient manner of transferring instantaneously one file to another device...just don't flame me like the other people on the internet have a tendency to is all I ask :eek:

Thanks in advance!



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Jan 18, 2008
Hawaii, USA
The functionality that you're asking for is desired by a lot of people. At this point in time you'll need a third-party application to do it. I use Documents by Readdle to get the job done - it's free, it acts like its own file manager, and it makes the iPad (or iPhone) appear to the Mac as a network drive.
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