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    Mar 21, 2011
    Hello, and welcome to FlyForFantasy. Our server has two clusters which has the following rates: 50x Experience, 100x Penya, and 30x Drops, 1000x Experience, 500x Penya, and 500x Drops. We chose these rates for the low cluster because we want players to value the characters they create as well as the items they collect. With higher rates you could reach to max level too quickly. FlyForFantasy is running on our 24/7 dedicated server to prevent any kind of lag or downtime.

    High Rate Cluster: 1000x Exp, 500x Drop, 500x Penya
    Low Rate Cluster: 50x Exp, 30x Drop, 100x Penya

    Server Information :
    • Server Version: Based on v17 with Custom Content
    • 17 Months online now without WIPE.
    • The only server in the world to have the famous "StunBug" Fixed
    • Several Glitches fixed that can only be found here!
    • No Buffs Limit
    • Increased BuffBar size, it may now show up to 5 bars
    • Level display on the player's name
    • Custom Stats Window(H) that will show more information about your character
    • Fully Stable Client, meaning no more un-expected crashes while teleporting
    • Custom Guild Siege, in order to offer a better gameplay experience
    • Bounty system added, and re-vamped to work on our custom PvP Arena
    • Removed the v15 Blocking Chat System
    • Many custom features, created by FlyForFantasy Team
    • Better balance between classes in PvM and PvP
    • Several tweaks on Skills, Sets, items, in order to offer a more balanced gameplay
    • Removed the Rooting ability from Valley of the Risen Masquerpets
    • Clockworks and Red Meteonyker are Instanced, meaning no KS or looting
    • Market Town is SaintMorning, Private Shops are blocked in Flaris to prevent client slowness
    • Tickets such as Azria/Coral are blocked inside our PvP Arena
    • Better Collecting System
    • Increased masquerpet's amount of entire Madrigal
    • Pang Buffer in custom locations.
    • Exclusive PK System(Developed by FlyForFantasy Team)
    • Automatic Patcher
    • Stable Economy
    • All useable items can be stacked up to 9999
    • Useless items removed from the droptable, such as C,D,2%,3% Cards
    • Custom NPC's
    • Housing System
    • Secret Room
    • Rainbow Race
    • Lord System Disabled
    • 700+ players online 24/7
    • Custom Arena(Designed by FlyForFantasy Team)
    • Professional Staff
    • Great Stability
    • All features working 100%
    • Custom Cloaks, CS Sets, etc
    • No Hamachi
    • Protection Server Sided by our own developed Anti-Hack, TobiGuard.
    • Guild Siege/1v1 Siege Working.
    • PK Arena works 100%.
    • 24/7 Uptime.
    • Several Events held by our Staff.

    YouTube - Fly For Fantasy - Arena Ranking System







    Crystal Defender Event


    The first server in the world with a totally new and custom event, not a drop event, hide n seek.. it is way more fun.

    Check my website to see the details =)
    ( Video Comming Soon )

    Server Specifications:
    • Dedicated Host
    • Dual Xeon x4 E5504 2.0 GHz (Total 8 cores)
    • 16GB DDR2 RAM
    • 1000 Mbps Uplink




    We hope you come and have some fun with us. =)
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    Hi advertiser!
    Are you here to stay or are you just dropping links to your products and fleeing? :(
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    I guess, but i check up on the other topics once a week or so.
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    Yep, WTH was that..?
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    this game is incredible

    add me there: JohnKuibo

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