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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Sdashiki, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Might seem strange but I dont have a radio in my vehicle. Ive got an iPad instead. And well, I kinda miss NPR on long drives.

    And before you go "why isnt this in the iPad topic?" or "Use streaming!"

    Let me say this is not about the iPad, it just deals with it. And I do not have nor want a data plan on the iPad, so the only solution is a replacement for what I removed from the car: the stock radio!

    The best thing Ive found in my research (which is hard when everyone is about FM transmitters and not TUNERS) is this:

    Love it, but damn $250!?


    Anyone else seen anything like this for a similar need? A nice little FM tuner, which hopefully takes the 12v provided by my car, takes an external antenna (or can be hacked to) and outputs to RCA analog.
  2. Julien, Jan 5, 2013
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    Doubt there is much available since every car (I know of) comes with at least an analog FM radio at the base level and there would be almost no demand.

    EDIT: You do know that the Sumiko is a home audio product (110V) and not designed for a car?

    Since you are using an iPad you could add FM with something like this.
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    I can't quite understand how an iPad fits into this equation. :confused: Even if your car doesn't have a radio it should have a location to mount a radio and speaker(s). You can get a car radio/CD player from a store like Best Buy for as little as $60 and even with installation it's going to be a fraction of the price of the device you've shown. It will also have much better audio quality than the tiny speakers on an iPad and it's always there when you want it.

    If you want something less expensive and more portable, just go to Radio Shack and buy a cheap battery powered radio. Why would you want to use your iPad for this?
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    I have no radio/CD player in the car. It was ugly and other than the radio, useless to me.

    I instead have a hole with an arm coming out that have an iPad holder from RAMMOUNT. 64GB and it holds all my music plus a GPS app and eventually OBDII scanner. This is hooked up to my speakers through an EQ that outputs to an amp which goes to the 7 speakers.

    So, im looking for a tiny replacement for the radio. And dont tell me to buy a battery powered one to sit on the passenger seat.

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