FM Transmitter


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Dec 15, 2009

1) You need to pair the FM transmitter with you audio device.
2) Set your radio to a FM frequency number that isn't being use by a radio station. Just static is good.
3) Set the FM transmitter to the same number.
4) Play music on your audio device and the sound should go through your radio speaker.
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Dec 15, 2009
Looks like it only has 3 buttons, phone, back and forward. I would assume the back => Frequency lower and forward => Frequency higher.


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
There was one, but it really doesn’t help. Just a brief summary about the transmitter, and showing some buttons. None told me how to set my transmitter to the stations.
The forward and back buttons probably change the frequency up and down after you press some other button on the device to put it into a "frequency select" mode. That's how the last two I've had work.

Omega Mac

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Aug 16, 2013
I got a similar looking one, similar form, and you use the forward back button to change /set the FM output on the transmitter, then you tune the FM to the same frequency - but it has a numerical read out on the front (which we can not see if yours has in the photo). I think the middle button (call button on mine) acts as a toggle of there is an extra CH button, maybe that did it. I did not read any institution, it was fairly intuitive.

What I also had to do was find spot on the FM range and that took about 3 tries to get one with the least amount of background hiss or interference from some other more powerful transmitters (radio stations).

I actually cam on here to ask a different question about similar bluetooth fm transmitter.

A bluetooth device like this connected to an iPhone, and the iPhone is connected to the net, over say 4G network - Is there a chance these bluetooth devices can piggy back out over the net and connect with home and thus send data back to the manufactuer?

I have seen this with ethernet based or woof based security cameras, but I realise it might be possible with Bluetooth, but I am not sure. I can not monitor the in and out connection on my iPhone like I could with a network router to see where devices are reaching out too.

Any ideas? Maybe I'll start a new thread.