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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by dougquaid, Aug 20, 2009.

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    This is a long shot!

    Basically I have just wrapped filming a 6 part tv series for internet cast and along the way I have had some very major problems with the 2nd camera operator (a media degree student) who appears to have no idea what focus or composition is, I have found alot of his shots to be out of focus and therefore unusable or for which part they have to be used if the other camera is re-positioning - quite unprofessional!

    Without boring of the details, is there any way of re-focusing these shots to any degree, i mean they are not massively out, but compared to my other camera they are indeed very noticeable, I fear there isn't much I can do with these in post but some degree of help would be much appreciated!

    we have posted the first episode on
    in the internal interviews or acoustic lounge you can definitely see the comparisons of what I mean, although we use very few shots of the other camera as possible!
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    Basically your SOL, I haven't heard of any way to fix focus in FCP. Thats why getting a good cameraman is so important.

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    Heh...I thought the op was taking a piss...

    Best ever :
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