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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by emills, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Jun 29, 2010

    We just updated to Leopard 10.5.8 from 10.4.11 at my office and now I am having problems with my Folder Actions. They continue to stop mid-process, or after processing a certain number of files. Generally, after processing 3 files the folder actions will just stop. Sometimes I can drag & drop one at a time and all will process. If I move all the files out of the folder than back in they will process 3 more (or so) than stop.

    The Folder Actions (and their variants) take InDesign CS4 files and export them to a specified location as PDFs than either trash or keep the originals. I have no problems with this script on 10.4.11.

    Even if I use a simple move-to-trash or a preset folder action from Apple the script stops after processing 3 or so files.

    Also noteworthy, if I have the script open when I test a file and there is a stop, when I tell the script to compile and/or save is says "This document file has been changed by another application since you opened or saved it. Changes by other applications will be lost if you save. Save anyway?"

    I can post the code if necessary, but I have seen the script process successfully on 10.5.8; it just stops from time to time.
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    I'm still fairly new to AppleScript and are pretty much self-training on a need-to-know basis. From what I've found, XCode is probably my best option for getting a debugger to log my values, unless someone has another free option. Is this the best way to log my values? Or is there a command I can add to Script Editor? Thanks.

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