Folder gone after error 43 while copying (NTFS partition under Paragon NTFS)

Discussion in 'macOS' started by ScreenOfDeath, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Jun 30, 2012
    Hello Apple users. I been doing some research for several days to understand what happened to some of my folders residing in my external hard drive. I´ll try to give as much information to seek for help since most of the topics related to error -43 point to Recovery Software solutions (mainly posts with marketing focus).

    I have an external hard drive SeaGate Free Agent Desktop 500GB which is formated in NTFS file system. I been using this hard disk without any problems under Microsoft OS, until I switched to Mac OS.

    Since Mac OS doesn´t support NTFS modification directly, I installed Paragon NTFS so I could modify files within my MacBook Pro. After trying to move a folder from one location to another (within the same hard disk) I got an error 43, after clicking on Ok to continue, the folder disappeared. I been trying to locate it within the Trash Folder, showing hidden files, I even tried some recovery software that could show up lost of deleted files in Hard Disk but nothing worked to get the folder back.

    I would like to know if some of you have experienced this error before and if you have any ideas where I could locate the folder or where could it go after showing that error, or any procedures to recover my lost folders. Thanks for your help, any additional information you require I´ll be glad to share it.
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    hi, i got the same problem today.

    at first sorry for my bad english :rolleyes:

    i don't know exactly what happend but...
    i use checkdisk (chkdsk) in the command line tool on windows to fix the problem.

    chkdsk h: /f
    h: is the letter for my drive you have to use your drive letter
    maybe chkdsk h: /f /r is better but it runs for hours the first one should fix the problem

    after that all my lost files and folders are back

    maybe there is a way to do this with OS X's Disk Utility but i don't know how because i try the windows thing first and it works

    hope this helps

  3. ScreenOfDeath thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 30, 2012
    Solution Worked

    Don´t worry about the english, isn´t my first language either.

    The solution worked perfect. I did some research about figuring out how to do the CHKDSK on Mac but couldn´t find a quick and decent explanation so I went directly to my Parallels Desktop Microsoft Windows and tried your solution. Thanks for helping me out of this one, I really appreciate it.:)

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