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    Some folders (especially in the users folder) have custom icons, that look like they are watermarked. Is there an easy way, or a tool to create such icons, or do I have to do it the hard way?


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  2. firedept, Oct 3, 2015
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    They are a dime a dozen with a quick search all over the net. Here is a link to a blank one. Just do a search for blank Yosemite folders in PNG format or custom folders for Yosemite. You can also use Pixelmator, Photoshop or any similar program to modify them simply. I do it all the time with my folders. I create custom colours, watermarks and folders all the time in Photoshop. I can literally do it in minutes. Even less now that I have the PS files built.

    Hope this is the info you were looking for.
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    You'd have to make a watermark in a picture-editing app like Pixelmator or Photoshop. There might be a watermarking app somewhere, but I wouldn't personally pay any money for something simple as that.

    You can find a blank folder icon if you do an online search, or you could use the source folder icon in System > Library > CoreServices > CoreTypes.bundle > Contents > Resources > GenericFolderIcon.icns

    You could get by with just one big folder image, and let the system scale it down. But if you want to go through the work of actually making multiple-resolution icons, they explain it here:

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