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    Sep 18, 2007
    Hey all,
    I recently purchased a 120gb external hard drive (Iomega, it seems pretty solid) for my white MacBook to house my music, movies, and other multimedia files.

    So what I basically did was take my MUSIC folder (from the sidebar in Finder) and move it over to the external drive. iTunes and everything works great, there's no problem with the performance at all.

    My one problem is...ever since I moved the Music folder to the external drive, the "Music" folder in the sidebar has the icon like a normal folder. I'd like to go back to having the musical note.

    This applies for the other ones as well--movies, etc.

    Any idea how I can change this? It's probably pretty simple. I've been toying around for awhile and can't seem to find it.

    This might be nit-picking...but it's something I'd really like to have done.

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    Sep 4, 2007
    This should work

    You should be able to just change the icon like you do with any other icon. I dont know if you are familiar with this. You go online and find the icon you want to use, go to the apple site, or google 'Apple icons'. Anyway once you have downloaded the icon image, you copy the image. Then you go to that music folder you want to change and right click, or highlight and press command+i. The window that opens will have an image in the top left corner, select the image and hit command+v (paste). That should do it. And I'm sorry about the drawn out explanation if you already know how to do this or have tried. But if it is your first time doing this, you can change all your folder and application icons, which I like to do frequently.

    Alright really Im done yapping.
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    Feb 2, 2007
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    i think he means he wants the his music folder on his external drive to have the home music folder icon and the sidebar icon to just be the music note without the folder. if you remove your music folder from your home directory and then make a new folder called "music" it creates a folder with a music folder icon. if you then put this into the sidebar it just has a music note icon. i any folder created in the home directory called music, movies, pictures, desktop etc has its own special folder icon and sidebar icon. OS X somehow changes both the icons automatically. i would also like to know how it does this as i have all my docs and media on a seperate partition and i have had to give them leopard's sidebar icons as i cant work out how to make automatically change from folder icons to sidebar icons when adding them into the sidebar.
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    Sep 29, 2007
    It really boils down to the 32px size inside the icons. You can do you own from the ground up with IconComposer from the Developer Tools(courtesy of Apple Inc.) or use IconBuilder from Iconfactory. IconComposer is what I use because it's free.

    You take the 128px icon of your choice(PNG(transparent) or just an icns file) and drop that into the biggest vault (128px). Then proceed with the smaller sizes, 48px and 32px is what you need to change. The magic happens in the 32px state(if you want to have a different icon on the sidebar other than a standard folder icon) Find a 32px icon of your choice and export it as a tiff file, with transparency, with Pixadex or similar and place that in the 32px vault in IconComposer.

    You can now save the icon as an icns file, this can be converted into a regular folder icon by using img2icns from MacUpdate. You should be able to jsut copy and paste the icon taht we just created over onto the folder on the external drive or anywhere else and drag it into the sidebar. The 32px state should(if all went well) show itself.

    This all changes with Leopard, becaue of the 512px state. But I assume that the 32px state is where it's at again.

    I hope you have fun.

    ..My first post here btw. :)

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