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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by sioannou, Mar 6, 2011.

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    I have 2 pc's in my home and an Imac. Now I am also buying a new MBP. In order to not get lost between my documents I used to use a nice feature came with my windows antivirus (webroot). It provided me a 10gb space online and through this it was automatically synchronizing my documents whenever I opened my pcs. The problem exist with the mac. If i wanted to move a document to mack i had to do this through the network or through a memory stick.

    Now as I am buying a new MBP i would like to fix this. Do you know any application that can synchronize my folders and documents between my mac and pc whenever I am not at home?
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    Jul 12, 2010
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    Dec 31, 2009
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    Just to add a little variety to the responses: try SugarSync. It's also great and I find it to be more flexible than Dropbox to manage choice of folders to be synchronised.
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    I use Windows Live Mesh to sync my university documents between my Windows desktop in my dorm and my laptop running Mac/Windows that I take to university.

    It works real nice for me. I like how it syncs my newly created documents to the cloud when I'm on my laptop so as soon as I power down my laptop and boot up my desktop, they all sync back down for me to continue working on them.
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    Be careful with SugarSync. During the first few months (2 years ago), I loved it. My annual subscription = March 11th; I spent the weekend cleaning out the account in prep for termination. Seemed like the more I used it, the more I was punished with dupes up da wazoo, on every frigging machine. Many were old files, like from 3+ years ago, so I had not opened them recently; thus, I never could figure out the "why" behind the duplications. Nor was I thrilled with the "speed". I had also been using a freebie DropBox account, but am now a paid member. Despite all the devices hooked into DropBox, for over a year, I have yet to see a DropBox-induced duplicate, and it seems to be the speediest outfit in town. Costs more out-of-pocket, but SugarSync proved to be the most costly, in terms of wasted time (killing dupes) and pure aggravation. Even killing the SugarSync account was a pain, but persistence paid off.

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