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    Jul 12, 2014
    What are advantages and disadvantages of folio/portfolio/book style cases like these:

    I bought one that stands like this: What do you think of this?

    I would not like to know about any specific cases (unless you want to post for other ppl who read these post) because I know the ones you all recommend will be very expensive. The case I bought was $6 because that all I could afford but I think it is cute. Also I know someone will make fun of me and say why cant I afford a case if I can afford an ipad but I got my ipad off a gift card. I just want to know about folio/book cases because that the kind I got and the store I got them from has lots of them for cheap.

    I do have simple rubber case and someone may give me their old apple smart cover. Would it be better to use these? (Even though the apple cover is the ugly gray color and not feminine at all haha lol.
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    Congratulations on your new rMini, joining our iPad family and on a fun post.
    What a great bit of luck, winning a retina minni. You should buy lottery tickets with that kind of luck.
    Looking at the last one, the one you bought, is interesting. It doesn't look like it would fold very thin because the spleen is so thick, but if you plan to leave it on a desk and not carry it with you, it looks like it would be quite useful.
    Sorry I can't critique the others as I don't own them. Personally, I use the Apple Smart Cover only, but I'm a guy that carries his mini with him in his back pocket. Operative words are guy and carries.
    There are lots of cases under 10 dollars on Amazon and ebay and I've bought several. All have fit well and done the job. Cute is not one of the items on my must have list. :p
    Since it is a matter of personal taste, I would say any of those could be a good choice for you.
    I can't find a super thin case the would prop up my iPad in a vertical manner, and that type of case is what I keep my eye out for. Something like that simply isn't made.
    This thread should be in the iPad accessories category, but a mod will probably move it there.

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