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Aug 8, 2008
I'm thinking of trying a folio case for my iphone6 plus.
Normally I use a bumper or hardshell back case, but wanted to try something different. I like how a folio case can also double as a screen cover.

I use the iphone basically for (in order of greatest to least use):
Internet browsing/FB

I hardly use it for phone calls, although I sometimes use it for video calls.

would a folio case be the best set up?


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Dec 4, 2010
I love the folio/wallet case concept...but the following points always stop me cold.

1. While I'm casually playing a game, do I want my that flap with or without credit cards in the way?
2. Will the credit cards eventually rub up against and rub off my screen coatings (I know get a screen protector)
3. I like to take lots of photos, will that front flap side flap around and annoy me?
4. Will the case make my phone too bulky? top cover with cards (or not), back cover, how is the phone attached is there a case with a back too?
5. Is it easy to remove the device for rolling light? Will I have to get a rolling light case too?
6. Do I want to lug my cards with me in meetings or have them displayed during meetings if I need to interact with my phone? When I'm in a meeting will I be able to use my device quickly without calling attention to myself opening flaps and such.
7. When I'm on a call without my BT headset do I want all that bulk up all around my head. How do I hold it will people see my cards all up on my head? Again, can I easily detach the case from my phone or take the call with the front closed?
8. Will constantly taking my phone in and out of the wallet case cause scratches, remove my body shield?
9. Will constantly taking my phone in and out of the wallet case cause me to drop it?
10. Are the top bottom and sides protected if they are will the ports be blocked for charging and headphone use?

There are a few but not many wallet cases with detachable phone cases. Those seem cool. But again, there's bulk.

I always want a wallet case, but hen I get down to it every time I have to say no after reviewing the points above.

Now if the wallet case is an all around zippered wallet case kinda more like a sleeve that leaves my phone independent with or without it's own case then I'm good.


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Aug 8, 2008
thanks for the reply!
honestly I would only put one card in there.. which is my Japanese train card, so I don't have to take it out of my wallet and simply swipe the phone on the reader. I'm too paranoid to have other important cards in there in view of other people while I'm folding the lid back to play games or take pictures.


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Aug 15, 2010
I'm basically waiting for Vaja to come out with the iPhone six plus version of this:

It's minimal, stylish, and allows me to enjoy the curved edges of the iPhone.
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