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    Hi guys i am in a pickle here basically my pickle is i have ****** job in a warehouse moving fridges and on top of that ****** pay but have 3 kids and wife to support and man has to do what man has to do. My kids are young i will be 40 next year and i am panicking. I was always interested in design, motion deign but i understand that it takes years to achieve those goals of becoming a designer and make good money , but since time is an issue and i give my self year and half to become smoothing becoming a motion designer can be challenging and take more time then learning to code, I am thinking of getting in to web or app development. Reason for web or app development is job security, benefits, pay increase with experience and any big or small city i move there are job opportunities in computer programing. I understand from my research that one can be employed with in a year or two if hard core initiative is taken, i am relly stuck here both sides are pulling equally Which ever one i chose i will be self learning but Jesus its hard to pick. I am pulled toward money because of the kids i want to give them best life possible. What would you do in my situation?

    Thanks guys
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    It’s hard to say, as we don’t know your local jobs market or how motivated you will be if you take your second option.

    The motivation is important because any creative field is fast moving and you need to continuously learn new things, often in your own time.

    Don’t forget that you can always move to a different field at a later date. Over the last 20 years I’ve moved from product design to print graphics through web design and development and am now focused on photography and image making. OK, if I’d have stuck to one thing I’d probably have been more successful but it’s certainly possible to move around.

    If there are more opportunities and better pay in one area then that's probably the way to go. Its a job at the end of the day and you have a family to provide for.

    If you go the web route. I’d recommend learning HTML and CSS perhaps PHP too and then getting into a technology that is a growth area that employers will find attractive. If it’s the area that interests you, go for web animation or maybe you’ll get an interest in a particular platform or technology. I'm less familiar with motion graphics but expect there are specialist skills that could make you more valuable.

    Either way, the creative industry is very competative. As a result the wages aren't great unless you have a particularly rare and valuable skill. Specialists can get paid twice as much as generalists. Hope that's some help.
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    You will be competing against hoards of talented young people who went to art colleges and spent years mastering their craft yet are willing to work for pennies because they aren't supporting a family. I agree that you have to find a way to switch to a better job but as someone working in the art field I'd say that supporting family doing art might not work for you.
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    Do not try, there is a glut of effects/visual designers. I spent 2 years mastering Ps, Ai, After Effects, Animate, C4D and was learning Nuke when I realized no one was interested in me because of my age and lack of a 4 year degree.

    I had many years of successful professional experience in the corporate world but we cannot compete with a 22 year old willing to work 120 hours / week who has spent high school and college mastering color theory, design, the apps and processes - who will work like an animal and not complain. That does not even include the tens of thousands of foreigners in places like India / Pakistan who will roto or clean footage for pennies.

    I had done a reel, graphic resume, and learned through thousands of hours with professional online courses, and did not even get a nibble from any studio, post-production house, ad agency, etc., and I live in a big city with a large number of shows, commercials and movies being made here, and I knew people in the business.

    Motion graphics is a fun side hobby for most, but to change into it after 30 is a waste of time. Wish I'd known this 2 years ago, would not have wasted my time learning a field with no future for me.
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    This sums it up nicely, don't bother.

    Motion graphics is a nice hobby for people in another career, but it is not one you can transfer into.

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