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Apr 12, 2001

The follow-up to discontinued six-second video sharing app Vine is coming online early next year, according to the original co-founder.

Dom Hoffman announced the Vine 2 project back in November 2017, but in a May update said that it had been postponed for an "indefinite amount of time," citing legal and financial reasons.

our new looping video app is called byte. launching spring 2019 - dom hofmann (@dhof) November 8, 2018

However, Hoffman has now revealed via Twitter that a new looping video app called "byte" is on course for a spring 2019 launch.

The original Vine was founded in June 2012 and was acquired by Twitter prior to its launch in January 2013. The Vine service became a huge hit after launch and developed a dedicated fan base, but after it began to wane in popularity, Twitter decided to shutter it.

Twitter turned the original Vine app into Vine Camera, which allows users to create six-second video loops that can be shared on Twitter.

Readers interested in the follow-up to Vine can sign up to receive updates on platform's launch at the byte website.

Article Link: Follow-up to Shuttered Video Sharing Platform 'Vine' Coming Spring 2019


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Jun 27, 2007
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I had the idea for Vine in 2011. Still salty, lol. I saw how Twitter and "micro blogging" was becoming so popular and figured the same would be true for video. I also noted how Instagram was a more limited form of the traditional photo distilled down into a square with simple options to edit. Sometimes having limits can improve a medium or change its form and the creativity required to effectively use it. Now everyone Snapchats, Instagrams, etc short form video and photos. Oh well, there are probably thousands of other people who noticed the same thing and didn't act. Guess I should have dropped out of college to pursue it.


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Feb 8, 2012
I miss vine but I feel like with any reboots it’s never the same as the original. Nostalgia will fade quick.
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