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Jun 13, 2013
Edit: I just wrote gibberish. In retrospect i don't want to talk bad about other people's work. Can't find the delete thread option. I'm asking a mod to do it please.
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Jun 29, 2011
They also copied the telephone from Alexander Graham Bell.

As with all tech, it's a give and take industry. Get over it, move on, go outside.


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Jan 2, 2013
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I think Apple really needs a shift in the process of finishing iOS 7 or this will be the moment when they jump the shark.

Overall iOS 7 seems to be a product without a coherent intuitive vision and the worst thing is that they are losing their Corporate Design and Corporate Identity. With enough public feedback i hope there is a chance Apple might consider steering back to the right direction.

One problem is a part the loyal fanbase, which atm is trying to disqualify complaints. Over the years Apple/iPhone fans were exposed to weak criticism from followers of rival companies, so now when there is actually something wrong, there are too dulled and too much in the old habit of dismissing complaints. Adding to that: Sure, there is the fact that many people respond to change by being irritated, regardless if the change is good or not. But the amount of negative feedback especially from designers, which state that Apple violated basic design rules, shows that there is something wrong.

Samsung and Android were gaining in the last months and years and the accusations against iPhone were that it was left behind regarding the operating system and that it was stuck on the same years old design. For me, it was leading in both fields nonetheless. The iPhone, especially the black 5, has this elegant, professional feel and you are killing every other device in a business environmet the moment everyone takes a seat and puts their smartphones on the table. Opposite to these plastic oversized Galaxy's and oval toyish Android based gadgets. Apple was always the bar, leading, innovating.

Then came the WWDC and i saw this.
Really great stunning shiny futuristic design with dynamic glowing. First impression. But when you think it through, can it still hold up?:

First of all, it's like something that came out of a science-fiction setting, so it somehow seems out of place. Even with the black model and a conservative wallpaper you lose a certain sense of dignity, in the office world for example, if you are in an excecutive position and people see that overly colorful scheme on your phone.
What other words are flying around these days: childish, toyish, girly, cheap, plain, ordinary. And if people perceive it this way, it is a problem. Because Apple was always spot on. The icons looked great, they all matched each others way of design and so what if they were skeuomorphic. This was a major part in the attractive appeal of the iPhone interface and it set it apart from other companies. Why have a high resolution retina display if you take a step back and downgrade your icons and menus? You look at the icons multiple times every day. It matters. Just look at Android and Windows Phone menus, they look like crap.

And what did Apple do with iOS 7? Direct copy them.
Large Helvetica? This is not how we know Apple, it's rather akin to Android style.
I admit the next comparison pic might be a bit far fetched, but still:

Apple products were always recognizable and unique. Also, they worked with every wallpaper and case color, in contrast to the heavy hinting towards the white model in the iOS 7 presentations. So the first pic i showed only works in a very limited way. Something may look good, but it doesn't automatically make it feel right for everyday use.

I think Apple will continue selling solid and growing numbers, yet by gaining an indifferent new crowd and lose some of its core fanbase (which in number will be smaller than the new crowd so the math adds up). The menus have to be tweaked and adjusted to fit a uniform design. Some don't look terrible but it's too similar to Android. At least give the app icons some contrast or shadow.
I will just stick to iOS 6. The only essential thing that comes to my mind that i will be missing will be the control center, which i find useful especially for quick music track change in the lock screen.
I dont understand.


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Feb 4, 2011
I agree with most parts, just not the Samsung comparison.

The rest is pretty much spot on. It's a visual horror.