Font Book is crap in 10.7

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by TwitchOSX, Mar 8, 2012.

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    Just about every font I've tried to install into Font Book throws up errors. It allows me to check the box telling it to install anyway and half the time it works, and half the time it doesn't. It's just a stupid True Type font. WTF is that about?
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    Admittedly I haven't tried to install too many fonts in Lion, however those that I've tried have all worked fine.

    Are you sure your font files are not corrupted?

    Oh and posting the errors you got would help get you help for your issue.
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    May 2, 2002
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    Ugh. Won't let me save the log or post here..... but I get this:

    3 minor problems were found. Proceed with caution.

    'name' table structure
    'kern' table structure and contents
    Duplicate fonts

    Even though this isn't installed... according to Font Book, it's telling me it's a duplicate font.

    Oh geez. Now I look through "All Fonts" and it's there. And appears to work in InDesign. But it wasn't showing up under "User" Fonts which is stupid since it's not a system font.

    So, I guess thats working now. I'm going to need to get a font program for this once I move everything over from my old computer. I don't want to use Font Book for my main management.

    On our G5, I'm currently using Extensis Suitcase. Is Extensis still the best font manager out there?
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    fonts are located in (at least) 3 locations on your mac: in the system folder, the library folder, and your user library folder. so usually, if there's a message that there's a dupe, it can be that the font is in a system-level folder.

    font book is not suitcase, but it works well enough (for me, at least)...
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