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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by eclipse525, Jan 20, 2010.

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    I'm a graphic designer and I currently work in both print and web. Most of my work mostly leans towards the print. Over time, my font collection has grown and it's a mishmash of both PS and TT fonts. I was thinking of clearing them out and using a application like "FontXChange" to convert both the PS & TT fonts to the OpenType format. This way most of the fonts the I I manage with FontExplorer will be mostly one format (OTF).

    I would love to know everyone's thoughts on going this route? Do you think they will translate well?

    Thank you!
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    I would be interested to know how it goes.

    The only advice I would give (though with your experience, I'm sure you already know this) is to make sure to save all your old fonts in their original formats in a safe place in case the conversion goes all pear shaped.
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    The real answer is "nes"

    I too have fonts in various formats. But why change them? Here are a few of technical considerations.

    1. It is possible to convert font formats.

    2. OpenType (OTF) is a cross-platform format with support for many more characters and languages than PostScript (PS) fonts.

    3. If you convert from PS to OTF you will not automatically gain extra characters.

    4. Font management software (i.e. Suitcase Fusion) "remembers" not just the font name but the foundry and other characteristics for auto activation.

    5. Converting formats would mean that your version of a font is not the same as another person's. You could open up a document that contains characters you don't have which could lead to anomalies.

    6. TrueType fonts' fundamental difference from PS is that TT does not require separate screen and printer versions (though, as I understand it, OSX can create screen versions on the fly). OTF fonts are essentially enhanced TT.

    7. For all your effort, you'll essentially end up with the same crippled versions of fonts that you have now, only in a different format.
    For these reasons, the answer is "nes."
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    haha great answer!

    Good points too - well said.

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