Football Fixtures 2013/14 for iOS


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Nov 24, 2010
Scarborough, United Kingdom

I have just submitted my new iOS App 'Football Fixtures 2013/14' and it is now available to download from the App Store! :)

App Description:

View the complete fixture list for the 2013/2014 Premiership, Championship and League 1 seasons right on your iPhone! You can also add any match to your iPhone calendar, therefore you won't miss a match all season!

Every fixture is displayed in an easy to use interface. Fixture information includes the teams playing, the venue at which the match will be played as well as the date and time that the match will kick off. The App also features a search feature. Therefore you can search for a particular team and just that's teams fixtures will be displayed.

You can add fixtures to your iPhone calendar via 2 methods: First you can select each fixture and add one at a time. Alternatively you can press the 'Add All' button and all that League's fixtures will be added in one go.

All information in the App is self-contained, therefore no internet connection is required so you can keep up to date with fixtures on the go!

- View complete fixture lists for 2013/2014 Premiership, Championship and League 1 seasons.
- Add any match to your iPhone Calendar one at a time or all at once.
- Search feature so you can view fixtures for just one team.
- Venue, Time and Date displayed for each match.
- All information self-contained so no internet connection required.
- All data viewed in easy to use interface.
Some screenshots are also attached.

Download from the App Store
View on my Website



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Oct 31, 2006
If you can add the option to include the UK TV channel each match will be broadcast on, BT Sport, Sky, BBC, etc then I'll buy and recommend it!