For all those on the fence with buying a MacBook

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by CrackedButter, Jul 18, 2007.

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    I just bought one through need and not want. I didn't want this machine, I wanted a 17" MBP but had to settle for this, I didn't want a laptop with a glossy screen and weak speakers and I'm use to the Pro laptop keyboard.

    I'm here to let you lurkers and newbies know that you cannot go wrong with the basic machine. I got it today and I was already having a voice chat with my mum in Spain and other relatives in Malta via my G4 Laptop. UPS came, I wiped the new machine and installed Skype, got online with my first video chat straight away. I knew all this would work flawlessly with that Apple shine but still, it counts compared to working with windows.

    But because I didn't expect anything with this machine I had no expectations so I couldn't be disappointed, this thing is a dream to use, the keyboard is fab and I'm here to go against the tide of negative posts regarding this machine. I was buying this so that I had a machine until the next MBP revision but I'm perfectly happy with this and saved myself a thousand pounds in the process. I don't have time to play 3D games so the Gcard isn't an issue for me.

    If you're on the fence just get one.
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    Me too!

    Thanks for the confidence boost :)


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