For all upcoming MBA/MBP owners!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ShrubbySoup, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Hello, firstly I will apologise for my bad grammar in forums, I don't know why.

    Ok. I have posted many a' thread in this website asking for peoples advice on buying a new MacBook pro or air and sometimes even an iMac. I will be going through with you my 'ordeal' and my final choice. This has been going on for 4 months now and still indecisive

    Day 1: (mom) hey son I have got you £1500 to buy yourself a new computer with
    (me) thanks.

    This got me thinking, what do I really want to do on this computer as before I had a £300 HP for 4 years that frustrated the hell out of me. Firstly I thought about getting a gaming pc, I spoke to all of the right people and had it on standby to build untill.... My mum also bought me a iPad 2.
    This was the start of a war of my brain. My gut was telling me to go with the MacBook air as I had always dreamed of owning one when I was younger. My head said get an iMac 27" as their gorgeous and I really didn't want a MacBook pro as they were too chunky.

    I go to the store every Saturday for a month so I could try out all of the macs, meanwhile I had discovered this site which was really stirring the pot. After 2 months the air was still my favourite choice of computer. Then all of my friends shouted at me for not going with the iMac as it was their dream computer and I would be stupid for not getting one. After all of this (if your still reading) I started looking at all of the 'wait or buy' threads for the MBA this mixed the pot again.IN THE END I saw one comment in a thread saying it probably won't be untill the end of September/ early fall, and it's only 5 moths old!

    This did it for me.MBA. Done. I nearly had a mental breakdown in the process but here I am. Thanks for reading (if you got this far)
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    Dec 28, 2008
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    I'll say what many others will probably say. Check the Apple refurbished store. Same computers, reconditioned to new spec and same warranty. The only difference is the price. I use my MBA WAY more than I use the Mac Mini on my desk or the MBP in my bag. Hell, I use it more than my beloved iPad2.

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