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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by flosseR, Jul 8, 2009.

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    Ok, I have to say up front, I now own 3 SIGMA lenses and 2 Nikons. My Sigmas are easily the best lenses so far (except the 50mm AF-D Nikon).
    BUT erhe is a catch, if youbuy a Sigma lens, make sure you buy them at a store and test them before hand. I printed out the focus paper test and took it to the store. 2 other Sigma lenses showed front focus and/or softness.
    I paid 20 euros more at the store that I bought the lenses from over Amazon but its well worth it. My lenses are pin sharp and work perfectly.
    So, if you are considering buying Sigma lenses (i guess tamron and tokina as well), test them in the store with proper test shots and look at them in your computer before any purchase.

    BTW, the lenses in question are my 105mm Macro (which broke once already!! :D) and my 17-70mm HSM lens.

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    I think there is a bad batch of Sigma lenses at least in the 24-70 camp. For me though I can't find the lens locally or I would. I have to rely on mail and the return process.
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    "Store"? What's a store?

    (Or buy your lenses used and ask for test photos before you purchase.)
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    Canon is no different. I am sure every company is like that. I have read stories on the 16-35mm MKI, where people would go through 4 copies before they got a sharp one, same with 24-105L, 24-70L, 135L, 70-200 (all variations). Just the nature of optics. No two are the same! My 10-22 was sharp, whereas others had problems with it being soft on the edges.
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    Well you are right, but the chances of front focus, back focus problem is much more common when buying 3rd party then Canon, Nikon and so on.

    What is a focus test paper anyway?

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