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    Since a lot of threads about this are showing up, here's a quick tip for anyone interested in using Local Storage in the Files app on their iPads and iPhones.

    Local storage is available in Files, however, you don't have access to the root folder of your device, meaning you cannot create the first folder directly, you need a 3rd party app. Think of it this way - imagine if you couldn't create a folder on your Macintosh HD (or C: Drive for you Windows users ;) directly but instead had to install an app first, that will create a folder for you. After that, you can put whatever you want in that folder, and put subfolders, etc.

    This is just how things work with Files in iOS 11. I imagined they will make a starting folder for your local files, but no. Still, it's not really a problem and I hope this post will help.

    So, if you want to. use local storage, you need install any app that supports it first. I recommend Documents from Readdle, but if you know something else - please suggest it here. I am in no way affiliated with the creators of Documents, but I've been using Readdle apps for a while, they were quick to implement all iOS 11 features and Documents is free on the App Store. Also, the name is, kinda, good for this purpose :)

    So, quick steps:

    1. Install Documents

    2. Start Files app and tap Edit at the top of the side-bar

    3. Under Locations, find Documents. If you just installed it, it should have a blue dot next to its name, indicating a new app. Turn on the switch.

    4. Use Documents in your side-bar. Drag files there, create subfolders, etc.

    5. If you want to sort your stuff, create a subfolder in Documents side-bar named "Local Storage" for example. Then drag the Local Storage subfolder to Favorites in the side-bar. Create as many subfolders you like and drag them to Favorites if you want.

    6. You can remove "Documents" from the side-bar now if you don't want it there, your subfolders will remain in the side-bar.

    7. For some reason, you can't erase files or subfolders that you put in any Documents subfolder, which is a shame. You have to go into the Documents app and delete them from there.

    Hope this helps!
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    why not juste use documents app then?
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    Because if you want to drag a file from, say iCloud Drive or Dropbox to local storage, it’s all in one place - Files. Also, it looks nicer. But mostly - because all your local and cloud stuff will be in one app.

    But sure, you can use Documents app if you prefer.
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    That's a great idea. Thanks.
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    This is what I've been recommending but this is a really comprehensive write up. Good stuff OP

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