For Fun - predict next imac+powermac dates

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  1. illustratorDavi macrumors 6502

    Jun 7, 2004
    North Yorkshire

    I'm one of those users who for the last 3 months has been predicting release dates for the imac and powermac and has completely got it wrong again and again. :D

    I'm wondering what dates others are predicting ? and if this thread lasts maybe it would be interesting to see who gets it right.

    So just the your date prediction and a quick reason please - my current one is:

    Powermac = 14 March - unlikely but this is when the Quark discount offer ends.
    Imac = 9 March - no reason, complete guess (sorry :D)

  2. willyhunt macrumors member


    Dec 31, 2004
    Exeter, UK
    Powermac - 16th March - Small update - No 3GHZ
    iMac - 6th April - Hopefully a new GPU

    p.s None of the above is correct and it will probably be June time. :(
  3. runninmac macrumors 65816


    Jan 20, 2005
    Rockford MI
    Now humm... I am going to guess that the iMacs will get updated April 26 then I think that the Powermacs will get updated at WWDC. Just a complete guess on the iMac but that could be about right becuase there were some rumors but they all died down the past weeks. Then there have been NO rumors from reliable sorces for the Power Mac.
  4. The Black Rock macrumors regular

    Feb 14, 2005
    Good speculations on the iMac and the PM updates, but the real challenege is in the Tiger release date guessing.

    For the iMac I'm still sticking with aprox. Saturday the 12th of March. I know that nothing gets released on a Saturday, but that day is the last day of the average cycle for the iMac.

    PM update on June 6th, WWDC '05. Why not?

    Tiger? Who knows, April or May sound great...
  5. Squire macrumors 68000


    Jan 8, 2003
    PowerMac...April 20th (Some Italian sales promotion apparently ends then.)

    iMac...Next Tuesday, March 16 (Just because that's the first Tuesday after the average update cycle. It's been 189 days since the last update and the average time between updates is 193 days.)

    The iMacs will be 1.8 GHz, 2 GHz, and 2.3 GHz. The top two will get a new 128 MB graphics card. There will also be increased hard drives across the board, 512 MB of RAM across the board, and a price drop of $100 to $150 dollars on all models. (By the way, I suspect iBooks will get a decent bump at the same time.)

    <Snicker> And I just received the first bid on my 1 GHz iMac.

  6. tom.96 Suspended

    Jun 13, 2003
  7. Kirk macrumors regular


    Jan 6, 2004
  8. russed macrumors 68000


    Jan 16, 2004
    well there is no way that the iMac will be updated before the Powermac, otherwise itwill just wipe out the powermac sales as the iMac will be faster (apart from the fact there will be two processors). i wonder how the 1.8ghz powermac sales are going? also the powermac in ist current line up has been around far longer the iMac
  9. ziwi macrumors 65816


    Jan 6, 2004
    Right back where I started...
    PowerMac - WWDC and iMac at ummmmm...WWDC
    It is Apples new annual upgrade parade...<sarcasm>we update technology once a year unless it is a music player because computer technological evolutions are very slow to come about.</sarcasm>

    I do not see them releaseing anything as a wait this long almost seems like a mobo upgrade to use the 970MP and something that significant they will hod onto so they can have a large stage to do so. 12 Months for a chip upgrade - how does AMD and INTEL do it once or twice a month?

    signed Frustrated in waiting for next PM revision :)
  10. Trout74 macrumors 6502

    Feb 3, 2005
    since i have been wrong twice now, please dont listen to a word I am saying.

    iMac=March 23 (brothers birthday)

    PM=April 13 (wifes Birthday)

    how cool will it be if im right!!


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