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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by harmonica01, Nov 30, 2007.

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    Jul 30, 2007
    I purchased my 2.4 with 4 gigs ram 1st week of september 2007. Previously I used my powerbook g4 15" 1.67 for past 2 years just wanted to get a new one for my senior year here before grad school. I have always gotten the highest specs for the 14" & 15" powerbook pismos, then this g4, and now macbook pro, never had any problems with any of my other macs until the 2.4 mbp.

    Ontop of some issues with leopard screwing around with iLife applications which seems to be a regular occurrence especially with iDvd '08...the computer came with an unresponsive keyboard. I got that replaced. While they were replacing the keyboard they cleaned the computer and got water behind the LCD LED screen...after a short argument with the geniuses and a manager i produced pictures taken for myspace of the computer strangely dated 1 day before i brought it to them and sure enough nothing behind the screen so I got a new screen.

    As I mentioned earlier even before the leopard upgrade, optical drive often overheated and would refuse to burn out of finder, itunes and through iDvd '08. To get around this, I have had to turn the machine off, unplug from the wall and take the battery out until it has ALL cooled to the touch..key in mind I use a laptop lifter, the plastic one with plenty of under and rear space to vent on my me whats going on with it.

    At school as a TA I give presentations through my mac, which unfortunately hasn't always woken from sleep and wont accept a forced restart. Yes, my students have even pointed and laughed saying I should have bought a dell. So for the latter half of November I have gone back to my powerbook 15" 1.67 with iLife '06 and everything is great again even under leopard.

    The applestore in Houston i purchased my 2.4 mbp at WILL NOT REPLACE anything else in the computer except a yes my opinion of apple laptops has significantly diminished in the past 3 months since I purchased their latest model.

    For new buyers: my problems may not be representative of common occurrences though apple's forums reveals perhaps they might be...but if you get a chance buying one from an apple retailer store, FORCE THEM to let you try it out before you walk out the store, if ANYTHING is fishy with it, get a different one then, once they give you a new computer they apparently are rather bitchy about honoring their warrantees and replacement agreements
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    Did you try contacting AppleCare directly? Whenever I've phoned them they've been pretty helpful and knowledgable, unlike the so called "geniuses" that you find in your typical Apple store.

    From other threads I've read on MacRumors it seems that the customer care you receive from an Apple store can be pretty patchy at times!

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