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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by theczone, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. theczone macrumors newbie

    Sep 10, 2009
    Yesterday was quite possible the most disappointing :( announcement I have been privileged to endure. JUst so we are clear I do not own a mobile phone and nor do I want to. The ability to not always be contactable is critical to my well being. So my touch is a fantastic half way house using skype, email, facebook, twitter and its ability to access exchange.

    I was expecting and wanted a camera on the 3rd gen iPod Touch. Video is not a requirement - I use a 1080p HD camera. I hope we can all agree camera phones no matter how good do not compete pound for pound. Why because of the above communication activities I engage in. I communicate with family, students (I am a lecturer), friends yes through text and voice but also visually. There are weekly images I would like to take, not for my iphoto library, but simply to illustrate tweets, facebook updates and emails to students quickly easily and in real time. That was my hope and it is dashed. For me to fulfil this requirement I need to look elsewhere or get an iphone which is expensive and requires some contract. That is a costly camera.

    Finally, Jobs has suggested that the ipod touch is a gaming machine and therefore the added cost of a camera ect isn't justified. They surely could have justified an FM radio (or does that cannibalise some apps?). From a business perspective this sort of makes sense but the DSi has an integral camera and for less than £30 I can buy a camera attachment for the PSP. Comparing to other cheaper systems it is increasingly loosing ground on specification. Why couldn't they make the old camera connector available again? Would be a cheap halfway house.

    I am gutted and need to consider my options. I may look elsewhere and I never thought I would say that.

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    Jan 11, 2007
    North Central Florida
    I'm ticked at the gaming thing.

    I didn't buy my Touch for gaming - i bought it to use as a PDA, as a replacement for my Treo phone in that aspect. I don't have data on my Treo - and i can stay more in touch on the Touch because of the wifi. And i'm pretty sure that the camera would be better than what is on my Treo.

    Separate the "lines" of Touch's then.... but don't think that i was planning on dropping $400 to play games.

    I read a post from a camera app developer - the hopes of broadening the user base for his app, gone (for now). 40% of the iPhone OS users use a Touch. 40% of them voted to NOT do this with a PHONE.

    A PHONE isn't for everyone, nor is the monthly fee. But that doesn't mean we don't want a camera on the Touch.

    I was getting excited about the "expense" and "document" apps that i have seen. So i could store copies of recpts and such on the Touch. Nice when i'm at the doctors office... i could leave my messenger bag full of papers at home. Nice to compile a "stack" of them to give to the STBXH for repayment. Sure i can do that now... come home, scan and import.

    But that is extra steps.

    I've supported the platform and developers well the past few months. The apps i'm using on the Touch aren't always as good (yet) as the Treo - but i've let the developers know that i'm standing by them, promoting their apps when applicable, and all that jazz.

    I need my life simpler... and the Touch accomplishes that in a variety of ways. I was hoping my new one would go to the next level in that regard.

    Oh and ya, i have a camera.... dSLR. Right now it needs a repair (or my lens does) because i can't take pictures OUTSIDE), so actually, i probably would have used the camera often.....

    Anyway, i feel your pain.

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