For those photographers out there with the rMBP!

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    What's your file management system? I'm trying to tweak mine (it was never great to being with) but I'm struggling a bit. I need to:

    1) Store all work on an external yet still dump my current shoots on the laptop (or copies of them) for my current post/editing.

    2) Export the edits and direct Lightroom to to a new parent folder after editing

    3) Backup my macbook via time machine...and would prefer to backup the external at the same time.

    Does anyone else out there use LR/PS and have a good file management system working primarily off of external drives? I'm not sure if I should import the files directly into LR iteself or direct LR to a folder. I'm also trying to figure out how many folders I may do you have? I think I need one for the original RAWs, LR catalog, and final PSD/TIFF edits. It's all causing my head to spin.....Does anyone have any good systems?!?!?
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    A. This has nothing specifically to do with an rmbp, or even a MacBook. It's a LR question.
    B. You will probably get better answers on adobe's forums, or dpreview.
    C. I would consider running 2 LR master catalog for your external drive, and a temporary one for your local MacBook work. Do the edits, then export them to the external drive, the close the local catalog, open the master catalog and import the edits. Then you can probably go back and clear out the local edit files out of the MacBook catalog. Make sure to sync metadata. Also consider working in DNG format if you are not.
    D. I don't know a way to backup an external drive at the same time as your main HD using Time Machine. That doesn't mean there isn't a way. But you can do it with Super Duper, by setting up a batch backup each night or however often you like.

    I organize my photos in folders by year only. Any collections, be it based on keywords, events, etc, I simply make in Lightroom. Collections are like playlists in iTunes. You don't bother thinking about how many folders you have in iTunes, and you don't need to overthink it in Lightroom either. You can always export copies of a collection into a folder if you need to.

    If you convert everything to DNG on import, you don't need the RAWS anymore, unless you're a nervous Nellie, in which case you can archive them, or even embed them directly in the DNG. And if you export your DNGs for editing directly into Photoshop from Lightroom, Lightroom handles all the file locations for you...they go in the same folder that the DNG lives in, and even appear in Lightroom with the same name as the DNG, with EDIT appended to the file name.
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    Good point...this post actually doesn't make any sense here. Thanks.
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    I have for years used Lightroom as the library manager. I organize by folders of year and below that the specific date. Indiividual photos have keywords as needed. I build smart collections or regular collections as needed for a project.

    I always convert to DNG on import. After the import, the CF cards go back into the DSLR bodies where they are formatted by the cameras...never in a computer. I never keep the raw files once I know the import to DNG is OK.

    The library files sit on my internal SSD. The folders of photos for each year are stored on an external RAID 1 set. There is around 50,000 photos in it. I cull and edit photos in the field and complete that work when i get home. Once the folders are finished I use Lightroom to move the folders from the SSD to the photo media folder on the RAID 1 set. That frees up SSD space for the next field trip and makes sure LR always knows where the files are located.

    Backup of the SSD and RAID set is performed by Time Machine to a 3TB Time Capsule.

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