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Discussion in 'iMac' started by ssledoux, May 9, 2019.

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    I posted this in the iPad forum also, but I’m thinking maybe some users visit this forum more. If you’ve seen it there and responded, just ignore it here.

    What does your use case look like for your various devices? Do you do as much as you can on your iPP, and only use your MacBook/iMac when it’s something your iPad can’t handle, or do you use your iPad for entertainment/consumption, and your iMac/MB for most everything else?

    Got my new (well, refurb) iMac a couple days ago, and I’m trying to sync all my stuff across devices. I honestly suck at iCloud stuff so I’m like a Kindergartner trying to get all this stuff done. ;-p

    Obviously there are a LOT of things that are equally easy to do on both devices. Honestly, after several years of not owning an iMac, I’m finding I rather enjoy having a big screen again, and having messages and all that stuff right there makes it easy to respond to stuff while I’m working on the iMac that I would’ve previously had to go to my phone or iPad to do. In short, I wonder what, exactly, I’ll use my iPad for at home.

    Just curious what others do.
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    I like using my iPad Pro to edit photos and draw, but primarily I use it for browsing, reading, watching videos, and to do emergency web development fixes if it's all I have on me. I use my iMac when I need to edit a ton of photos or finish ones I edited on my iPad for print, if I need to edit video, if I need to do web development, if I need to design something like an icon or app/web mockup, or if I need to research something on the web or buy a lot of stuff or something expensive and switch around between a bunch of websites and forums trying to figure out what to buy. I also prefer to use my Mac to write on MacRumors. I had the keyboard for my old 10.5" Pro, but gave that to my wife since her iPad Mini 2 was getting too slow and she needs a keyboard because she runs her business off her iPad. I don't really care for the smart keyboard and don't like typing more than a few sentences or responding to texts or email on my 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9". I like being able to kick back with my iPad and be more in home mode. On my iMac I'm more in work mode, and it's also downstairs in my studio so I'm not around my wife or kids. So I use it a lot in the evening and on weekends. I like taking my iPad outside and chilling in the hammock while listening to the birds and the rustling leaves. Helps me unwind. But overall I can work an order of magnitude faster on the iPad for most things, and two orders of magnitude faster for things involving extreme multitasking such as web design and development using lots of apps and utilities. Some things are only available on the Mac that I use for my job.
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    I’m curious too what other use cases are, but the two things that I use my iMac primarily for are for desktop specific creative apps, namely Logic Pro X and Ableton Live for music production, and also for gaming. But if Apple ever brings Logic Pro on the iPad, I see my iPad Pro usage shifting dramatically.

    As for gaming, elitists on forums like MR will always scoff at this, but the truth is I’m still able to play modern games like Battlefield V on my 2012 iMac, which honestly I find damn impressive. I also don’t want a separate gaming console or the hassle of upkeep on a secondary gaming PC. But that’s just me.

    As far as little things that @macduke mentioned like deeper and quicker browsing on the Mac, I do those things too. But if you have a dedicated keyboard for your iPP, you have access to hotkeys too which really speeds up browsing. I have my iPP on my desk with my iMac most of the time so I use this nifty app called 1Keyboard: it allows you to switch your Magic Keyboard to control your iOS device with a hotkey. It’s magical!

    I also use Apple’s Logic Remote app on my iPad Pro to control Logic Pro on the Mac, so it’s essentially acting like a secondary screen to augment my workflow. You may have heard the recent rumors that 10.15 will bring native secondary screen support for the Mac using an iPad. Having a specific window open of an app open on the iPad for creativity and productivity apps would be wonderful. (Yea I have apps like Duet Display, but it’s never had a consistency to it).

    And of course, I love using my iPP for gaming, watching videos, reading books, and now news and magazines with News+. Anything to do with media consumption is all very natural and comfortable using the larger screen while chilling around your home.

    And ask your iCloud questions away. You can get a lot of great help here at MR :)
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    Down south
    Oh that keyboard thing sounds cool!! I have a bluetooth keyboard I use with my iPP. I haven’t gotten the new keyboard folio because it’s bulkier than the ASK was, and I just don’t love it.

    The cloud stuff is so basic, I don’t even know where to begin. I asked in another thread I think, but haven’t really gotten many responses. I probably need to just get on the phone with Apple and make someone walk me through all of that. Apparently I get a complimentary tech phone call to help with my new device.

    I think it’s just the general gist of the cloud that I don’t really get. Okay I get it, but I guess I just need to know if it ALL works across all devices I have or what, and what to do to be sure that’s the case.

    I honestly haven’t used it a whole lot because I never really had good enough service to where I could easily access it, which is likely why I’m light years behind others with the use and knowledge of the cloud. That has changed somewhat with my improved internet access, and, having added the iMac, I just think I’d rather it all sync up where I can access anything from any device, rather than have to use different stuff on different devices.
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    Oct 14, 2018
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    At home, my 12.9" IPP sits next to my chair. I like to look things up while watching TV, also I read books.

    Away from home, I play music in a couple of bands on it—live by tapping on the glass (bass) or by hooking up a bus powered keyboard.

    As a singer, I scan and load vocal music into it rather than use a folder. I've taken to conducting from it as well.

    I never use it in the studio for music production, though. I've way better tools for that.

    I've not brought my laptop (2012 MacBook Pro 15") on a business trip in years. There's nothing I need to do on the road that my iPad can't handle. Video and audio editing wait till I'm back on my iMac. Come to think of it, I rarely touch my laptop anymore.
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    Jun 22, 2005
    Photographer here,

    I use my iPad Pro 10.5 on set to go over shots with the client and to have a 8X10 proof to make sure everything is ok.
    I also use it to cull and post photos to my site for client approval. Using lightroom mobile with the desktop version lets me do rough edits and finish on the iMac.

    Heavy lifting is done on the iMac, however with Affinity photo I can do most of what I do in photoshop on the iPad .
    Thus moving the iPad from a consumption device to a creation device.

    I would not want to be without either.

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    Oct 14, 2018
    The Sillie Con Valley
    Add to that, an iPhone for the trifecta.

    The Win/Android world doesn't have anything close to offer. When those users snipe about how we must be rich and stupid to swallow what Apple gives us and bla, bla, bla...

    When Time saved=Money earned, MacOS/iOS is less expensive – for me, at least.

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