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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by martyrk, Feb 29, 2008.

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    I haven't tried the one you're referring to in the link, but I do have an InvisibleShield on my phone. I bought the full body one, but only used the front screen piece and the top and bottom chrome pieces (I figured it might help in my case...but anyway...). The shield is okay. I don't notice any loss of sensitivity with it. It seems pretty durable and whatnot (to be expected of course). However, it's a fingerprint magnet! I think that the anti-glare shield available on the Apple website is probably better as far as that goes. All in all, the InvisibleShield is ok IMO, but I'll probably end up switching to the anti-glare in the not too distant future. Hope this helps, somewhat at least.
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    Don't forget Bodyguardz

    I cannot comment on BSE skins b/c I do not have experience with them. However, I have used Invisible Shield and Bodyguardz--and I give the latter the nod of the two. Check out a review of the various iPhone skins on iLounge.

    The IS skins seems a little more rubbery and were harder to get into their final position at the right time. Perhaps I am too much of a perfectionist, but I went through 2 of the full body shield packages and ended up scrapping both b/c I was not happy with the results. I switched to Bodyguardz after reading the aforementioned review and my application was much smoother/better. Also, the Bodyguardz skin is a bit smoother, and (especially on the front screen) is less visible. Patience is the key for applying any of these, I have found.

    Good luck.
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    Update for those familiar with invisible shield, and best skins ever!

    I have both skins, and for those that are not familiar with either, basically it is a very thin plastic "film" that goes on your product, has a little grip to it, does not affect the touch sensitivity on the iPhone. Product is sprayed with a fine mist so that the protector is moveable on a thin layer of water before using a credit card or other form to force the water out from in between film and product causing the adhesion to stick to product.

    Stuff is amazing, and I recomend it to anyone who likes the original look without bulk.

    Difference between the two?
    Nothing, except that Best Skins Ever does not offer lifetime replacement, their comment was:

    I would recommend Best Skins Ever if you feel comfortable applying the skin on first time, but if this is your first time, buy from Invisible Shield, that way if you make a mistake, at least you are able to get another one for free + s/h

    Hope this helps in making your decision

    Best Skins Ever price 7.99 + 2.00 shipping

    Invisible Shield 24.95 + ? s/h
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    I've got the InvisibleShield...

    for my iPhone and had them apply it at Macworld SF '08. And the touch screen is the same, at least I can't tell the difference. Best investment I've ever made, and I didn't spend a penny! They were announcing that "Bill is going NAKED!" so I ran over to see what the commotion was and there I was standing in front of and InvisibleShield's demo booth. All I had to do was turn-in my Marware iPhone case/cover and they would install the InvisibleShield for FREE. I actually have a firmer grip on my iPhone and clean the screen with less effort and quicker than w/o the InvisibleShield. The big selling point for me: "Going NAKED" 'cause now my iPhone is protected and it still looks like an iPhone! I do pop it into the Belkin Acrylic Clear Case when I'm driving or riding the BART Train in the San Francisco Bay Area, so that I can watch a movie "hands-free." :cool:
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    I know the title of this thread is "Invisible Shield" but I thought I might impart my experience with the "Bodyguardz" wrap. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it is amazing. It completely wraps the phone except for a tiny bit in the corners due to the way the seams are and fractions of a millimeter around all the buttons/ports. In my opinion there is honestly no difference in touch sensitivity with this shield on the phone. It is just as sensitive as it was before except now it is completely scratch resistent. It also honestly, makes the phone look better with the sleek shiny quality it gives it. Also fingerprints have been reduced about 70% from when i didn't have the shield on. I have not tried the "Invisible Shield" but from personal experience you cannot go wrong with "Bodyguardz for iPhone". The web page also comes with a detailed instructional video to help you apply the shield, almost an invaluable resource if you want it done right. It is completely dockable and the best part is it comes with 2 sets of shields. If you have any questions about it, i'd be more than happy to help. I know how it feels to be running around the forums like a chicken with it's head cut off looking for honest, concise opinions on shields and cases, so anything I can do to give back is my pleasure. Cheers!
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    I purchased the BSE full body wrap and had the Invisible Skin on my iPod nano. They are basically the same thing, same feel.

    I didn't really like having the BSE front plate on, so I swapped that out with a Power Support Crystal Film, which feels exactly like the glass itself. Swipes and pinches are slightly easier to do, especially on a hot day (the plastic film gets just a slightly bit stickier on hot days).

    I applied them both by myself and it took a couple tries to get them to fit perfectly, but there's a significant drying time. Instead of lightly misting the skin I just douse it completely in water and let it dry over 10 minutes or so. If there's any issue the skin just peels off and can be re-applied, even after its dried.

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