Forbes Article About The Demand For Mac Pros

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by drummingcraig, May 30, 2012.

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    I think the article drastically understates the viability of the MP continuing. But any attention is good attention at this point.

    Until Apple explicitly discontinues the MP, it's not dead, just horribly outdated. If indeed Apples DOES discontinue it, we are about to see the most furious secondary market activity for a computer since, well, ever. It's going to put to shame the secondary market explosion in hi-cap ammunition clips ten years ago when Congress outlawed the new manufacture of them (a law that has since expired and things returned to normal). When the law was in effect, circa 2004-2005 for example, you could get a 10-round Glock clip brand new off the shelf for $10, but a used 18-round clip for the same pistol would set you back $65 or so. I could see a market where new Windows 7 Xeon workstations are available pro forma while used 2010 Mac Pros start at $3k with the base configuration.

    That said, while these scenaria seem all too plausible with the MP in such a dormant state, let's all remember that Apple is not known for leaving this kind of money on the table. Tim Cook is also known as a Mac man -- in fact, THE Mac man, as much so or more than the Woz. If WWDC passes with no news, then it's time to jump ship. Until then, let's just let this thing play out a little further.
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    If it's going to happen, I have a feeling that end of July or even in August isn't that much of a stretch for a back burner product. I sure hope we are in for a good surprise though somewhere along the way, but this "snub" sticks with me. Yes, "snub".
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    I enjoy reading the articles that Forbes features on Apple. Whether they be true, false, or in between, it's good to get another perspective from a mainstream source. People's opinions, and preferences, always interest me.

    Any time Apple gets coverage in a site / publication like Forbes, it's raising the public's awareness of what Apple is up to. That in and of itself, is worthwhile.
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    I agree. Thanks so, so much to Forbes (and Facebook) for making this whole deal much more public! I, for one, think that the Forbes article (and the fact that they reference the Facebook page in their article, which is corroborative and helps public awareness too) could at least give Apple pause about discontinuing the MP (if in fact they were considering that to begin with).

    Don't give up hope, folks! Even if Apple doesn't announce anything at WWDC, that's not necessarily to be construed as THE line of demarcation. :)
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