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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by OldCorpse, Jul 23, 2007.

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    This is one of those irritating "save me from myself" tricks OS X pulls...

    I have a hard drive photobank which I use to download photos to when I'm travelling. I transferred the photos to my iBook, and then wanted to erase them from the photobank - I've done that before with no problem. This time, my wife made a folder of photos which she selected on her Dell, and I copied those onto the photobank and then from the photobank to my iBook. Now I want to delete the photos from the photobank through my iBook (like I always do).

    My iBook won't let me do this. It claims one of the photos is "locked". Well, I don't care, thanks for the warning, I still want to delete it! This is a stupid system IMHO. If a file is locked or protected for whatever reason, it should give you a warning asking "do you still want to delete it", and if I say "yes", it should do so!

    Now what? I can't delete a bloody photo from an external hard-drive - thanks, OS X!

    I have an app called Force Delete, but it still can't delete that stupid photo!

    Are there any apps out there, which will allow me such a simple action as a delete, regardless of any stupid warnings - this is only a photo, not a "file in use" or "systems file". Just a delete - I need a special app since mightly Tiger apparently can't hack it.

    Any ideas? TIA!

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