Foreigner want to buy iPhone 7 on launch day


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May 20, 2016
Hi guys

I am new to this forum. I am coming to the US later this year and want to co-ordinate my trip with launch date of the iPhone 7. So seems that are no launch date for the iPhone 7 at this stage I am working on the previous launch dates and hope Apple will stick to it as well. I just have couple of question I need answers for.

  1. The iPhones on the previous launch date at the iStores in New York and Delaware were that phones only available on network payment plan for e.g. At&t, Sprint & Verizon etc. or on the day was it also available without network payment plans. Reason why I do not want to buy the phone then I cannot use it on my home network outside the US.
  2. If these iPhone are network lock on the launch day and I can proof that I am only visiting the US will I be able to get these phones unlock. if yes by who and where.
  3. The online version of buying the iPhone on launch day will I have the option purchase it without the payment plan.
Thanks for your help if you can answer my questions.

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