Forget DVR/TIVO, Forget Buying, Forget Pirating!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by fakename, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. fakename macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2007
    What if Apple were to align themselves with the TV Networks and offer streaming TV shows just like appleTV now streams Movie Trailers and TOP 10 iTunes conent.

    NBC, CBS, ABC already offer limited commercial versions of selected shows on their websites and I use them often to catch up on TV shows I missed. But what if they could also stream through appleTV?

    The biggest reason TIVO is so popular isn't because you can skip/FF through commercials, while that is a nice by-product. The biggest reason people have TIVO is to watch TV shows they could not watch during the original broadcast times.

    With this in mind, by streaming shows through apple TV, broadcast times becomes irrelevant. Ratings are what matters in the end so does it matter to the advertiser if 10 million people saw a show at 8PM on Tuesday night or if 10 million people saw the show during the week it was released and maybe had a total viewing of 20 million for the month.

    No longer would networks have to worry about pitting good shows up against good shows to beat each other up in the ratings and maybe new shows facing more established shows won't be forced off the air before it gets a chance to build some momentum.

    I also believe most people don't buy or pirate DVD shows because they don't want to watch commercials. They buy/pirate shows to have 24/7 access and to watch the content as often as they'd like. Pirating is simply a result of not enough finances to purchase ALL the content a person want's to view. If there were more convenient and cheaper ways of delivering content, there'd be less need to pirate.

    Of course shows would still be available for purchasing as they are now and would offer commercial free viewing experience and true HD/DVD quality.

    Seems to me when I think about it, I could deal with a good quality streaming video (vs. DVD or HD) with limited commercials if I could have free access to any show currently on the air or for that matter ever made.

    Just think, you can create you're own "must see TV" every night!
    For Example
    7:30 pm - 50's - Leave it to Beaver
    8:00 pm - 60's - Get Smart
    8:30 pm - 70's - What's Happening
    9:00 pm - 80's - Family Ties
    9:30 pm - 90's - Seinfeld
    10:00 pm - 00's - The Office
    10:30 pm - 00's - How I Met Your Mother
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    Feb 19, 2005
    Sure but then there has to be a way to ensure that the streaming is perfect. I have wireless G and I've been told on the NBC site my speed is too slow to watch their content and yet speed tests exceed 1mbps often hover around 1.5mbps and then some.

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