Forget the Intel 510 SSD....Intel G3 "320" Postivlle SSD nearly here

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by neondrgns, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Apparently the IOPS are much higher in the 320 series, which are rated at 50,000 IOPS read and 40,000 IOPS write, while the 510 series can do 20,000 IOPS read and 8,000 IOPS write.

    With these numbers, you have to keep in mind that random IO performance which is what IOPS loosely measure is far more important for the snappiness of your drive than pure sequential reads, which most consumers will rarely do (maybe a large file copy here and there, but that's about it). However, for professionals who need to write large amounts of data at a time like with 1080p and higher resolution video, or writing data from the sensor of a digital camera, that's where the really high sequential read/write speed reaching 500+MB/sec is utilized to the fullest.
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    Oh great more specs to make me totally confused

    But there's one thing the 510 has on it's side.

    You can get it now. :)
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    in addition the 510 uses SATA 3 if I am not mistaken, which is going to be throttled down to SATA 2 in the 2010 mbp, not sure about the 2011 mbp. Also the g3's are expected to be a lot cheaper and double the life.
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    this is true, the max transfer rate of SATA II is only 375MB/s
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    Thanks for the link OP, I was giving up hope.
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    30-60TB is not particularly impressive. Not sure how that translates to real world reliability but it doesn't look good up against the 32nm based SSDs.
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    Feb 12, 2011
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    Firstly, PRICE!

    The general consensus is these 25nm models will be cheaper.

    Secondly, any SSD will flat out be insanely fast coming from a traditional HDD, so the differences between the 320s and 510s for most consumers will be non-existent. As stated by Intel, the 510s are marketed towards the "enthusiast" crowd to begin with.

    Thanks OP for the heads up! Great news indeed! I'm looking forward to this with great anticipation :)
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    Just a minor correction --

    Maybe a RED digital video camera can do that, but no currently available SLR needs an SSD to keep up. The fastest CF cards are 90 MB/s and if you're talking about tethering, the fastest port they use is FireWire 800, so 800 Mb/s (or about 1/4 the speed of the new SSDs and I'd really question if the camera is saturating FW800).
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    Isn't the upcoming OCZ Vertex 3 pretty much faster than the G3 in every single way?
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    Sandforce is just shaming Marvel and Intel, yes.

    I'm waiting for an OWC version of the new SF.
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    Any specific reason to go for the OWC? Just curious, because I'm waiting for the Vertex myself :)
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    I've had good luck with their first gen. I think they're very Mac-centric so will do a ton of testing in the new MBPs before release and they always get good reports for standing behind their products.

    Obviously biased sales-related blog here but still:

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