Forgot To Erase My iPhone When I Sold It

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    Jan 14, 2013
    Sold my iPhone to a relative. I'm under a lot of stress at work and I forgot to erase it. I desperately didn't want to give her my Apple ID password, but it seemed like that was the only way she could erase it.

    Then I thought - oh I'll erase it from Find My iPhone. Big mistake. I found my old iPhone in another state, and my current phone, right here where I live. I clicked on my old phone, which was one state over, and erased it.

    Bam, my phone in my hand begins to erase. Both phones erase simultaneously.

    Not only that, but now Apple thinks the phone I sold my relative is STOLEN. So I'll still have to give her my password anyway. So I'm feeling like a complete moron.

    Then I get home, tell my wife what happened. She says "just change your password to cheeseburger or something, then give her that password. She erases the phone, then change your password back."

    Damn I wish I would have thought of that!

    This is still not resolved. So I'll let you guys know what happens.

    I just wanted to write this and hopefully prevent anyone else from using my flawed logic. Erasing your old phone with my Find My iPhone is NOT a good solution. Fail!
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    Aug 15, 2012
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    This right here is why i hate icloud. Bought two phones online that are locked. One of the sellers was completely uncooperative, the other had to go to an apple store for them to remove it cause he couldnt find the setting.

    Icloud is not gonna stop thieves. Either it will screw a legitimate buyer due to the sellers unfamiliarity with this feature, or its gonna screw whatever poor bastard buys the stolen phone in good faith down the line.

    Once i got a new phone from insurance, i removed my old one from my account just for this reason. I'm not gonna get it back, why should i screw over someone else too?
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    Sep 21, 2012
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    If both of your phones were under the same Apple ID, that would be why they both got erased.
  4. Modernape macrumors regular

    Jun 21, 2010
    Get her to restore the phone via iTunes, after turning off 'Find my iPhone', she will only need the phone passcode, not your apple ID.

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