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    I posted this on Apple Discussions as well...

    I read the form
    It doesn't really solve my issue. I finally got form mail set up on my Godaddy hosting account. Yet, when I make the form (I used a godaddy example form), I get an error message. In fact, windows users cannot even see the submit button of the form.

    I downloaded a program called iTweak and followed the directions and their forms work fine. But, I need to make my own form with more options than they provide. Can someone give me an example php form that I can use in my godaddy. (I can tweak it and add drop menus and stuff). I just need a general example. I feel I'm doing something wrong.

    I really need a way to make a customizable php form with godaddy. Please help me. I have been trying to figure this out for days!
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    #2 could try learning php :D

    A handy form that I use is this:

    Just upload all the files, and either copy the code from contactform.php into your web page.

    or you could use

    <?php include('contactform.php'); ?>
    to include the form in your php page.

    Remember: your host has to have SMTP enabled for people to send emails without having to go to their mail client.

    To add / change the fields you'll need to change the contactform.php, then go to send.php and add the new fields to be set.

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