Format hard drive and clean re-install of Lion problems

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by paulobrad, Nov 6, 2011.

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    I'm currently running OSX Lion on my MacBook Pro, for a number of reasons including it generally just starting to run slow I'd like to format my hard disk and re-install Lion.

    From reading a number of guides on the web I should be able to do this by just backing up my precious data, doing Command-R at boot and choosing to re-install Lion, right? However, after choosing this last night and it downloading the install files I've been unsuccessful.

    When ever I now try and boot with Command-R it instantly says "There was a problem installing "Mac OS X" Try Reinstalling" but I have no idea where to get to any option to try reinstalling - I only have access to things like disk utility.

    I've attached the log below as a jpeg - as I can't copy and paste for obvious reasons. The key error seems to be "Bookmark failed to issue extension for item..."

    My basic need is to re-format and re-install Lion. Can anyone help either resolve the above issue or give me another approach? For example, if I used the Snow Leopard install disk to do this could I then just re-download and install Lion on top of that? Would I be charged for it again?

    Thanks in advance.

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    No you will not get charged again to download Lion from the app store, just use the same account.

    Just make a USB boot stick from the Lion download and use that to install.

    If you still have the Lion Install app then you can just use that and not have to redownload. I am assuming u have a bootable OS. I always keep a boot USB drive around. If not you can always instal snow lep and download Lion from teh App store. This would probable take less time than trying to debug the -R option.

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