Formatting a new PB?


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Mar 16, 2005
Hey.. I tried a search, but couldn't find the thread (probably my impatience, since I just got the PB).

I've seen a few threads talking about the first thing you do when receive your new PB. In those threads, people talk about formatting the new PB and reinstalling OSX.

Is this really the right thing to do?

Along with my new package, I received two discs. "PowerBook G4 Mac OS X Install Disc" and "Mac OS 9 Install Disc".... why would they give me both discs? Do I need to install Mac OS 9 first?

What thing should I have on a flashdrive before I do this?

Are there any gotchas? Should I be careful about anything?

Thanks very much.

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Mar 30, 2004
Formatting is optional when you get your computer... a lot of experienced users prefer it because you can customize the installation to your needs, and save some space and reduce clutter. A lot of free software ships with your machine, which you can still install from the CDs.

You only need to install Mac OS 9 if you need the "classic" environment... apps that won't run on OS X. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you probably don't need it. :)

There's nothing you can really do to mess up... just save any data you already created.


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Jan 13, 2005
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I'm not really sure I've seen widespread advice on this board to reformat and reinstall a new machine. Apple adds a few things that take space, which some folks don't need. But with HD's on the small size being 40G these days, I'm not really sure the % of space saved anyhow.

As for a cleaner install... Apple is not like dell or compaq which adds their "help and support services" to assist their help desk. I would not run an OEM install of windows, but with my powerbook, when I formatted it recently there was no noticable difference in performance.


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Dec 24, 2004
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no need to foormat a new PB

I don't see a reason for doing a clean re-install of OS on a brand new PB. I heard some people said the file may be corrupted when the factory is installing the fresh OS copy on the new hard drive (do they call it mirroing?). I think it is very rare to have a defect on OS installation at the factory as Apple's contract manufacturers should have the high quality standard in place

It may not be worth going through the reinstall of the good factory fresh OS just to save a few MB from the hard drive. If you have software you want to get rid of, you can drag that to the waste backet to be deleted.

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