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Apr 12, 2001

On a recent episode of The Eavesdrop podcast with Hector Rodriguez, shared on Reddit, Apple's former vice president of mobile advertising Andy Miller shared an incredible story about accidentally stealing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' laptop, mouse, and mouse pad during a heated meeting in Jobs' office.


The story truly speaks for itself and begins at the 44 minute mark. Miller uses a few explicit words, so a fair warning that the video may be NSFW:

Miller joined Apple upon selling his mobile advertising company Quattro Wireless to the iPhone maker for $275 million in late 2009, reporting directly to Jobs. Miller remained at Apple until late 2011 and later served as an executive at motion-controller startup Leap Motion between 2012 and 2014.

Article Link: Former Apple Employee Shares Incredible Story of Accidentally Stealing Steve Jobs' MacBook From His Office

Mr. Dee

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Dec 4, 2003
I have heard different stories about Steve’s office.

One story he had a lot of boxes and magazines in the Office.
He has a white board in his office, which one of his daughters made some drawings on.

Based on Steve’s home office, which had quite a messy desk, I would assume the same for the work office in Cupertino.

So, the part about it being sparse might be exaggerated. Also, if it was sparse, for you panicked into accidentally bagging the mans laptop should not have happened so easily.


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Feb 3, 2004
Wow, fun story. Wonder why Jobs didn't notice the mouse missing? Seems like a pretty decent guy.


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Aug 11, 2014
Steve had a reputation for being a jerk, but he was nice to a very geeky 23 year-old me when I went to Cupertino for Genius Training in 2008. He was behind me in line at Caffe Macs and I didn't even realize it... he saw my Apple retail shirt and asked what I did in the store, told him I was a new Genius, he told me and the two other Geniuses standing next to me to work hard, do excellent for our customers and to be careful driving back to Bubb (the training lab). Then Steve walked off and met up with Jony who had his daughter with him, and the three walked off... I remember thinking that little girl is probably hearing about iPhones we wouldn't see for years.


Jul 12, 2016
I imagine Steve can differentiate between a mistake and something that was intentional, I’m sure he realized it wasn’t ‘malicious behavior’ taking his MacBook. But still, I think Steve always Set the precedent for being very intimidating for how relentless he was and his cold behavior at times.


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Dec 31, 2013
Who is this Harooki? Haurki? Guy. Can’t find any information on him.

Hiroki Asai

His replacement:
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