Former Gartner Research Director Michael Gartenberg Joins Apple's Marketing Team

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    Forbes reports that former Gartner research director Michael Gartenberg has joined Apple. While his exact position at Apple hasn't been revealed, Gartenberg is said to be working under Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller.
    Gartner is one of the highest-profile technology research firms tracking, and the firm's estimates of product sales are commonly cited by Apple in its presentations. Gartenberg has long been a fixture in the research and analysis community, and has served as an occasional contributor to Macworld and other publications.

    Article Link: Former Gartner Research Director Michael Gartenberg Joins Apple's Marketing Team
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    Nov 15, 2007
    Two professions skilled at making things up and lying. Marketing and analysts. Lots of good skill cross-over there...

    (I don't know THIS particular analyst being awful like say, Katy Huberty, but the profession has a worse rep than lawyers.)
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    macrumors apparently
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    Lawyers have a far worse rep here.
  6. Crunchy2k, May 22, 2013
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    Market people give lawyers jobs and make interesting sayings:

    'Your holding it wrong!' ipoor4g antenna attenuation problem.

    'Starbucks is the place to chat and google.'

    ipoor5 can't surf and cell. ipoor5 can't do cellular data and be in a call according to the manual. The ipoor5 requires wifi in addition to a cellular connection.
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    Evangelising to Analysts??

    Helping Apple understand exactly how anal-ysts just pull stuff out of their butts, and how craft rumours better to manipulate said analysts and therefore the media/internet??

    Actually I think he has one job and one job only - Helping Apple spin another year of 4" screen iPhones - because that's going to take a bulls*it artist of Jobsian proportions. Seriously. He's going to have to light-up a nuke under that cow-pie to get it to fly for another 12 months.
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    New Marketing star

    Gartenberg' it is a macro minded people it may cover the emerging marketing technique for Apple. it has the strong interpersonal and research worker.

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