Former ios user for years, using OneX need help coming back..

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by digitalduck, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Sorry for convoluted title, but here is my situation, iphone user for years...left iphoen 4 to go to OneX (worked for AT&T, sold Iphone and wanted to try android since i worked with them forever)

    Now that ive had the OneX for about 4 months I keep looking at the iphone5 and really missing a lot of the apps, mostly games on it... i wish the screen was wider, but still, its a great piece of machinery and has a decent amount of seriously good looking games on it that you just cant do on the OneX.... I love the retina display and what it does to the games on ios. That is one thing that i really notice on the OneX

    However, I use the OneX for movies on the train every day going to work..i like the size of the screen for that. I havent watched movies on the iphone5, but i did with my old iphone 4 and it was basically im looking for some motivation to help me decide to go to the iphoen 5 or stick with mhy OneX and why? Could really use some advice... thank you
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    It seems like you really wanna go back to iOS / iPhone.

    Therefore do that.

    The blackbars on top and bottom are gone now since it's 16:9. Which makes things bigger overall.
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    Out of topic but I applied for att. They gave me a call and a phone interview. I'm excited.
  4. digitalduck, Dec 4, 2012
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    Good to know about the letterboxing, what any great games that are coming out? Id definetely get Infinity Blade 2, but what else is coming down the pipeline that i would definetely want? Doesnt matter what type of genre, more action/adven, rpg, racing but that will make use of the retina display..thanks :)

    Also, one more thing, I think I became spolied with the JB'ing of the past..i became obsessed with themes mostly, not sure how easy it would be to go back to non-theming...unless a JB comes out, but with the difference in graphic performance it might be worth it....

    And forgot to say that i hate the 16gb limit (more like 9gb usable) on the OneX...just stupid unless its Intl.. so woudl love a 32gb Iphone 5 if it would be worht it..

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