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    Please advise:
    (1) I just bought a new iPhone 5. I have another regular cell phone with a different number and I want to know the best way to forward any calls from that other phone to my iPhone.
    (2) When my iPhone receives a call that was forwarded from another phone, is there a way that I can tell that the call is coming from my OTHER phone before answering?? Very important. and......
    (3) Can I also forward TEXTS from the other phone to my iPhone?
  2. kevo1011 macrumors regular

    Oct 3, 2010
    Calls yes-method differs by carriers. No cannot tell which phone was called. Unless you set up Google voice. Forward phone to GV and then have GV forwarded to other phone. Set answering phone to display GV number. Set GV number in answering to, "Personal Phone," or something like that so when it displays you will know. Bad news GV will be caller ID not caller

    SMS yes & no-yes you can hit edit in the top portion of the SMS you wish to forward. You then select to portion of the message you wish to forward and forward it to another number.

    No-the iphone cannot auto forward a SMS. This has been a requested feature along with SMS autoreply for sometime now and Apple will not give it to us.

    If you are jailbroke-yes there are autoforward & autoreply apps out there.

    Imessages you can set you phones to receive both phones messages. I too have 2 iphones. If you imessage one, I received it on both. The only messages I do not get are true Texts Messages from non-iphones

    I have recently told AT&T to add this ability on the carrier end. Rogers Wireless in Canada has SMS autoreply & autoforward for the Iphone. You simply log into your account and activate it. Of course I got the generic, "Your message was received," statement. I doubt it goes anywhere, unless more people start asking for it.
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    Okay...Well I am not really thinking I would like seeing the GV number instead of the caller, so....Since my regular phone is on Verizon, don't they just have a simple call forwarding? I guess I could live with not knowing which number they called, but it just seems like such a SIMPLE feature that they COULD incorporate that I wonder why they don't!!
    You mentioned that there are apps for text forwarding? What apps and can they be used by a regular cell phone to forward to my iPhone?

  4. kevo1011 macrumors regular

    Oct 3, 2010
    Yes, you could use the forwarding codes to forward all call from regular phone to iPhone. Check their website for codes. I think they are like *72#10digitnumber# or something like that. You dial that number. The regular should connect for few seconds and then hang itself up. From then all calls will be forwarded. To end their is another code like *73## or something like that.

    If you are meaning regular phone like an older generic nonsmartphone, I'm not aware of any apps. I know android, jailbroke iPhones, and maybe BB can forward sms.
  5. C DM macrumors Sandy Bridge

    Oct 17, 2011
    How would they do that? They can only pass a caller ID which can't really be two different numbers (one that is calling you and one that is being called)? :confused:

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