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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by andross77, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Oct 11, 2011

    It's called the Cimo Smart Cover Compatible Companion Slim and I got it for $10 + $3 shipping about a week ago and now it's just $12 + $3 shipping ($15 total). Looking at an i Blason cover review on youtube i think it's pretty much the same except the cutouts on the CIMO are better and more exact. Plus, the iblason is like $23 with shipping or something.

    This thing feels great but it's flexible rubber and not hard plastic. This means it won't crack (like the belkin snapshield) but also means on the left side where the smart cover magnetically attaches and it has a big opening you can easily pull back the cover and dust/particles could get in.

    Basically i'm saying this is a good back cover if you want to use something with the smart cover and don't like how the Incipio Smart Feather and others lock in the smart cover. I will keep using it until there are more form fitting ones but i definitely want the option to "tear off" the smart cover when i'm reading.
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    Mar 29, 2012
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    I was about to post about this earlier today. I'm still waiting on the Belkin Snap Secure cause I love the inclusion of the magnet to hold the case open but that's not out until the middle of the month. This seems like a good holdover. Will this cause any issues with a screen protector? Does it wrap around up to the side of the ipad or does it reach onto the screen.....not sure if you know what I'm referring to but that's one of teh reasons I despised the Speck Pixelskin.
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    It basically has a "rim" around the ipad the comes over the lip the whole way. it's raised, but not a ton. So obviously i don't prefer this as much as say the Invellop case i had where you clip the corners of the ipad underneath the case and it snaps in and then just the corners are covered a bit but all the edges are completely smooth to the edge.

    Yeah agreed about the belkin snap secure case but i really think i will just want to tear the smart cover off to read. i've been doing it and i really love the minimal weight of just having the back covered from any scratches and nothing else.

    I'm probably OK with the "loose" rubber back too because in all honesty i got the back cover for ONE purpose: prevent easily preventable scratches to the back when laying it down on different surfaces. This cover accomplishes that.

    I don't care about dust getting back there. I don't care about getting 1 or 2 scratches in the very minimal exposed side part of the pad. I just care about the whole back not being scratched up after a year of use and that it works with the smart cover.

    So for $13 i have that. Instead of paying $35 for the Smart Feather or $35 for the Belkin. Now if a much better proven back cover comes out in a few months that fits it PERFECTLY at every corner and snaps in over the corners, etc, then i might buy it. Otherwise, this meets my case requirements ;)
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    I would get a TPU case instead. Same feel better impact protection.

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    Why would anyone care about the approval of a person lacking the understanding that buying 3 Rolex watches is a waste of money? I would think your approval on my case purchase would then mean I am mentally deficient...
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